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Getting students engaged in science education at an early age is one of the biggest challenges facing the 21st century. Students have so much more at their disposal than yesteryear however, many of the youth of today are not interested in learning science and/or their concepts. While children of today are the digitalized generation in history, their fascination about the world around them does not exist. Many research theories suggest that students have been overly exposed to science, thus they do not have a urge to get into the studies. Other feel that there is a set stereotype of what a scientist or a person that is into science should look like. This may lead to students not wanting to study science because they feel they do not fit the mold. What is the mold? The mole or the stereotype of a scientist is an older, white male, with a lab coat. If this is the accepted norm throughout society, then this will eliminate all women, all minorities, and any thing or body else that is not a white male.

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To help get students more involved in science at an early age, we created this website In this blog, you will find various articles that speak about ways in which to get students involved in science education, how teachers can write their curriculum more effectively to promote science education in the school. One of the most effective ways in which to get students involved in science education at an early age is by making science fun and simple. There is no need for a kindergartener to learn about organic chemistry, however it is important for them to know what will happen if you mix chemical together. Students might get to see a fire start or bubbles form. This level of inquiry will ultimately lead to questioning, which leads to active engagement of science in the classroom. Not only that, but it makes science fun.

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